Customized Programs


  • Coming eye-to-eye with Emperor Penguins on your group’s own expedition South?
  • Actually, landing in the footsteps of explorers after hearing their recipes for success and teamwork.
  • Photographing or filming wildlife spectacles unhurried accompanied by experts.
  • Exploring the ends of the earth at your own pace in a small group with friends and family.

The Fathom team has been creating custom, small ship trips, itineraries and memories since 2001. Travel programs span the globe with a special emphasis on all Arctic Regions, Antarctica including the South Pole and land trips in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Group sizes can be 10-200 participants.

Trip itinerary and group leaders are adjusted to suit a range of interests and goals.  Please contact our team today for a short overview of options and budgets.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leadership and Teamwork

Fathom Expeditions maintains a dedicated Leadership and Teamwork Program designed to inspire and provide tools to corporate and professional groups.

Led by the leader of the Shackleton IMAX productions to Antarctica, this program uses accounts of modern and historic Polar achievement to help modern day teams set goals and achieve daunting challenges. Through WGBH Boston, the New England Patriots football team watched the film, Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure, prior to winning their first Superbowl.


15-years guiding professional photographers with great success has taught the Fathom leaders how to "get the shot".

The possibilities for world-class photography on a custom Fathom charter are endless.  Our experienced Captains and Leaders are able to take teams of photographers to see the great wonders of the world.  Secret locations and wildlife abound in Antarctica and the Arctic Regions. Places unknown to maps. Let our experience design the ultimate photo safari to Greenland, Canada, Svalbard, Antarctica, South Georgia and beyond.

In addition to "getting you there” in comfort, guides can support how to choose the correct exposure when shooting ice, how to capture sharp images of moving Antarctic wildlife, how to saturate Antarctic and Arctic colors into your pictures, and finally, how to protect and maintain your equipment from the Polar environments.

Seminars provide the amateur and professional with the necessary fundamentals for capturing the beauty around the ship.


Both the Arctic and Antarctic hold true epic tales of exploration, discovery, triumph and tragedy.   There are great lessons and rewards that can be weened from these stories and Fathom Expeditions’ builds custom trips and cruises to re-visit these sights with exerts who demystify the tales.  History comes alive through Zodiac landings and interactive experiences combined with lectures and presentations.

On ship, Fathom historians detail the finer points of Polar exploration while on-shore, our team showcases historically significant sites and locations. The result is a brilliant educational experience while walking in the footsteps of the great explorers.