Services - The Experience

Fathom Expeditions believes that small ship expedition cruising is one of the best ways for a variety of ages and abilities to explore remote polar and wilderness environments in a relaxing way. The adventure begins by simply looking outside your cabin window or walking out onto the ship’s decks as we make our way through Antarctica’s pure white world of snow, glaciers, and icebergs. Fine service, knowledgeable lectures and warm cabins invite us home every day after two or three outings to special sites and wild shores. During evenings, we cruise in the spirit of the explorers, through dramatic landscapes to new stops and discoveries.  This combination of grand adventure, rewarding land-based activities, superb food and wine and relaxing cruise moments makes a Fathom Expeditions' voyage truly legendary for all our guests.

Visiting pristine, untouched places is a privilege and comes with certain responsibilities.  Fathom Expeditions ensures our expedition ships are fully self-contained having zero effect on the marine and terrestrial ecosystems and wildlife. Our land operations take this a step further, with "leave no trace"” policies and guidelines covering everything from mosses and plants to wildlife safety and distances.  This ensures our “footprint” in these pristine Polar areas is minimized and completely transient, never permanent.

By participating in a Fathom Expeditions’ journeys, you will also be directly supporting the conservation of wildlife and wilderness areas in North America and the Polar Regions.

Adventure Cruises with Comfort

The beauty of a Fathom small ship expedition is that one need not "rough it" to enjoy the planet's isolated wilderness regions.  Our ship is not a luxury ship nor is it overly fancy. She carries all the comforts for cruising with full cabin service, delicious warm meals after each busy day and full lounge and bar service from the observation lounge. The odd sing along has broken out in the evening post-landings!

Onboard, we will enjoy large outer decks, an open bridge policy, observation lounge, lecture hall, dining room, library and more. The view from the bow is simply one of the best in the world and relaxing with the officers on the bridge is educational and informative. The friendly and attentive hotel staff are there to assist on our journey. It is a perfect platform for exploring the cold, white world of Antarctica or the High Arctic.

Every Fathom expedition brings just the right touch of civilization into the great Antarctic wilderness. 


Antarctica and Arctic Region represent the planet's largest intact wilderness ecosystems. Whales, seals, penguins and seabirds abound in breath-taking quantities. The Antarctic Island of South Georgia alone boasts over 800,000 King Penguins, five million Macaroni Penguins, 44 million Antarctic Prions, and thousands of other birds and seals.

The Polar Regions, especially Antarctica at the bottom of the world, are sanctuaries for wildlife - a place where Nature survives without the intrusion of cars, planes, or automobiles. Fathom Expeditions' itineraries are crafted to showcase the very best of wildlife and Nature at each destination.


Learning is an integral component of the Fathom experience. Our pre-trip materials prepare you with detailed information and resources relating to our trips, ships and destinations. These documents are complemented by access to field experts at every stage of the trip preparation process.

Prior to boarding the ship, our exclusive land programs acquaint you with the local cultures, food, and traditions. Our guides interpret in a manner designed to maximize your learning experience.

On board the ship, our hand-picked team of naturalists, historians, and scientist present an exciting, informative series of presentations, designed to satisfy the most inquisitive mind and to prepare you for the hands-on experiences to come...

While doing landings on shore, our guides are always available to interpret, assist, and advise on the local wildlife, science, ice and exploration history. We take the opportunity, when possible, to visit scientific research bases where over-wintering Polar scientists welcome us into their working environment, producing a learning experience, both invigorating and informative.


Antarctica and the Arctic fire the imagination and capture the heart. They do so using their mysterious personalities and unheralded exploration opportunities. Historically, great explorers - Charcot, Amundsen, Franklin, Shackleton, and Scott - held a strong bond with the ICE and could not stay away. We, at Fathom Expeditions, understand this magnetic attraction.

It derives strength from the unknown places; from the unpredictable - the shifting pack ice, the moving wildlife, the weather and the surrounding seas. These elements draw us in and keep us guessing as to the next discovery or wondrous spectacle as your Fathom Expeditions' leader and Captain sail with experience and knowledge. There are few places on earth where one can explore for the first time and discover what has not yet been found - to travel in the map's empty places where names don't exist.

Each journey is an exploration and we welcome both young and old to come and experience the rewards. "Small Ship, Big Trips”.  These journeys create lasting memories for extended families and friends.  Welcome aboard your expedition…